Official Releases

Tales from the Surgical Ward (MC, five tracks, 1996)
Ideology and Emotion (MC, six tracks, 1997)
Pangæa (MCD, five tracks, 1998)
Recitals to Renewal (CD, fourteen tracks, 1999 / 2000)
Essence and Infinity (CD, ten tracks, 2006 / 2007)    Ordering information.

Compilation Appearances

Trapped in Flesh on Burnt Offerings (MC, 1996)
Desecration of Judgement on Bizarre 9 (MC, 1996)
Soporific Still Life No. 1 and My Kingdom (Demo Version) on Red Sunset (MC, 1997)
My Kingdom on BRV 24 (CD, 1998)
Brothers on Za Dom Spremni (Double LP, 2001)
Brothers on Notre Domicile est l’Europe (Quadruple CD and 7" with book, 2001)
Heimat on Le Jardin des Supplices (CD with book, 2001)
Heimat (Odal Mix) on Elegy 19 (CD, 2001)
Der Waldgang on Der Waldgänger (Double LP and 12", 2002)
Wir rufen Deine Wölfe on Wir rufen Deine Wölfe (CD or double LP in wooden box, 2003)
Werkraum and Lady MorphiaCrystals on Flammenzauber IV (CD, 2004)
Sun Spirits (Muspell Mix) on Audacia Imperat (Double CD with book, 2004)
A Faustian Winter on Statement 1961 (Double LP, 7", CD and book, 2004)
Werkraum and Lady MorphiaOrnament on Looking for Europe (Quadruple CD with book, 2005)
In Ewigkeit on Europa Aeterna (LP, 2005)
Widerstand (Symphonic Version) on WHW (Double CD, 2007)
Translatio Imperii on Andre Zeiten (CD or double CD, 2009)

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